Depending on the proposal type, scope, and required level of formalism, a typical proposal process encompasses the tasks of proposal initiation, planning, development, submittal, and closeout, paced by proposal process reviews commonly known as “proposal color reviews,” i.e., Blue Team, Red Team, Gold Team, etc.

In addition, depending on the proposal type and scope, a typical proposal process requires the involvement of a proposal team composed of a proposal manager, quality assurance personnel, technical writers and editors, company board members, general manager or CEO, and external assets, such as contractors and suppliers contributing to the proposal.

Work planning, organization, and mandatory timely contribution to the proposal by many players within an all too common short bidding time frame make proposal management an undertaking critical to the success of the proposal, not only from the standpoint of winning or losing the bid, but also from that of winning a firm fixed price bid with inaccurate costs and risks identification.

Logizant Engineering has more than 10 years of valuable experience gained in managing large institutional and commercial space business proposals in an international environment involving end-users, contractors, and suppliers, mainly located in Europe. We offer our customers the following proposal management services:

  • Full-fledged proposal management from proposal initiation to closeout, including management of customers’ own proposal teams, end-users, contractors, and suppliers
  • Consulting on and auditing of customers’ proposal management frameworks and activities
  • Setting up and configuring customers’ proposal management tools

We routinely write or contribute to the writing of the proposal documents package, including:

  • Cover Letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Technical Proposal
  • Management Proposal
  • Implementation Proposal
  • Financial Proposal
  • Contractual Proposal
  • Exceptions and Non-compliances

As names, scopes, and contents of proposal documents vary among proposals and business areas, we always adapt our work to the proposal scope and conform to the applicable Tender Conditions and Tender Contents Requirements, be it an ITT (Invitation to Tender), an RFQ (Request for Quotation), an RFP (Request for Proposal), or a Sole Sourcing / Direct Award.

We are accustomed to working for large, tightly scheduled proposals in short bidding time frames of a few weeks, typically between 4 and 12. While not limited to being involved in institutional space business proposals, we have extensive experience responding to European Space Agency ITTs under the ESA tender and ECSS standard frameworks.

We guarantee customer business confidentiality in accordance with non-disclosure agreement terms if required by our customers.

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